A commission meeting of the Russian Federation State Council in course of «Small and medium-sized businesses» was held on February 16

The meeting discussed the possibility of stimulating small and medium-sized businesses. Particular attention was paid to the discussion of the development of financial infrastructure: support for SMEs, the launch of the «My Business» organization, the development of microfinance organizations and guarantee funds.

The meeting participants agreed that this infrastructure will stimulate the development of small and medium-sized businesses.

The director of the Association of Clusters and Technoparks of Russia, Andrei Shpilenko, opened the topic of developing the infrastructure to support SMEs.

Andrei Viktorovich noted that one of the important mechanisms that reduce costs for small and medium-sized businesses are industrial parks and technology parks. He focused on the fact that the requirements for accreditation of this infrastructure, established by the Government of the Russian Federation, cannot be applied to new territories. Since a significant part of the documents required under the Government Decree cannot yet be provided.

As examples Andrey Shpilenko cited the need to provide an extract from the USRT, the need to confirm that the object complies with the spatial development strategy of the Russian Federation, and many other requirements that are unfeasible for new territories.

In conclusion Andrei Viktorovich proposed to amend the requirements governing the creation of technology parks and industrial parks, as well as financial mechanisms related to the creation of this infrastructure.

Following the meeting of the State Council, these proposals were supported and taken into work.