The Association held a regular strategic session

In 2022, the Association developed and approved by the general meeting of the members of the Association the Development Strategy for the period until 2024.
On an annual basis, we adjust and update the main areas of activity, goals, objectives, as well as key performance indicators of our activities.
Without changing this tradition, we carried out this work this year as well. The methodology for adjusting the strategic directions of our organization is based on conducting a SWOT analysis.

Starting from December 2022, we conducted a survey and received feedback on the activities of our organization and what could be improved in our work from the majority of the members of the Association. As a result of the SWOT analysis, we were able to identify strengths and weaknesses, identify the opportunities that we must implement together with you and prepare a plan of necessary actions in order to achieve the key performance indicators that we have outlined for our entire Association for 2023.

The culmination of all the work on conducting a SWOT analysis, developing key performance indicators, building action plans for the coming period was an off-site strategic session of the team of our Association, which was held on February 3-4 in the format of an off-site conference.

Based on the results of the event, we have already posted an action plan for 2023, and have also prepared a draft updated Development Strategy for approval at the annual General Meeting of the Association members, which will be held in April this year.