The annual general meeting of ACTP RF members

A new platform for import substitution, two federal educational programs, a representative office in the Volga Federal District: the results of the annual General Meeting of members of the ACTP of the Russian Federation were summed up

The General Meeting of the members of The Association of Clusters, Technology Parks and SEZ of Russia was held on the territory of the Renaissance Moscow Monarch Center Hotel. Among the participants of the Meeting there were more than 100 companies from 50 regions of the Russian Federation.

The main part of the General Meeting of Members of The Association of Clusters, Technology Parks and SEZ of Russia began with the creation of a new Interregional Association of Centers for Import Substitution and Cooperation of the Subjects of Central Russia together with the Ryazan Region. The purpose of the Association is to build new logistics and production chains between industrial enterprises of the subjects of the Central and Volga Federal Districts of the Russian Federation, the development of interregional cooperation for the purpose of import substitution.

Head of the Ryazan Region Nikolay Lyubimov addressed the participants of the Meeting with a welcoming speech.

«The geography of the Association is the widest - from Kaliningrad to the Far East, and I am very pleased that organizations from the Ryazan region are represented among its members. I am sure that their number will grow. Today your role is especially great - Russia has begun the struggle for its economic independence. Many value chains have been broken, Western companies are shutting down their production facilities, and we are under serious sanctions. However, our production should not stop, moreover, it is necessary to expand it, replace missing links in cooperative ties, and develop import substitution at a Stakhanovite pace. Considering the difficult situation of external pressure, which I spoke about above, today, together with Andrey Viktorovich and colleagues, we agreed to launch a new Interregional Association of Import Substitution and Cooperation Centers of Central Russian Subjects», - Nikolai Lyubimov noted.

In continuation of the event, the welcome address of the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov was announced by the Director of the Department of Industrial Policy and Project Management Vitaly Khotsenko. «On behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation I welcome the participants of the General Meeting. I am sure that during the General Meeting of the members of your Association you will agree on plans for the coming years. The Ministry of Industry and Trade, in turn, is in constant interaction with the Association and is doing everything to expand state support measures and simplify the procedures required to obtain them. We will definitely continue this work», - the minister wrote.

17 issues were put on the agenda of the annual meeting. Director of ACTP RF Andrey Shpilenko made a presentation in which he spoke about the results of the activities of the Association in 2021.

«Today we are moving forward by leaps and bounds - the geography and the number of members of the Association continues to grow, but the main thing is those projects, those tasks that we are implementing together. Now we have a mission - to ensure the smooth operation and expansion of our production facilities, to establish the production of import-substituting products, to restore cooperation ties and value chains where they have been broken. An unprecedented economic war is being waged against Russia, but having personally spoken with the heads of organizations that are members of the Association, seeing their positive, even fighting attitude, hearing about their gigantic plans, I absolutely clearly understood that we would definitely come out of these events as winners, come out stronger. than ever», - he said.

Also during the Meeting, the participants agreed to intensify work, joint cooperation and exchange of experience in the production of import-substituting products, both through the use of special infrastructure - industrial technology parks and industrial parks, and through such tools as industrial clusters and SEZ.

The meeting participants approved the Association's action plan for 2022 and the Development Strategy of the ACTP RF for the period up to 2024. The focus was also on the implementation of ESG standards. In addition, it was announced that ACTP RF is starting voluntary accreditation of industrial technology parks.

Also at the General Meeting, a representative office of ACTP RF in the Volga Federal District in the city of Ufa was opened.

«The Volga Federal District is one of the most dynamically developing regions in Russia; clusters, industrial technoparks, industrial parks, and special economic zones operate and are being actively created on its territory. And, of course, the city of Ufa, the Republic of Bashkortostan was not chosen by chance as the place where our representative will work. Today, Bashkortostan is a leading region in a number of areas, where the government takes a proactive position and tries to create all conditions for attracting investors», - Andrey Shpilenko said. Yulgutlin Azamat Amirovich became the representative of ACTP RF in the Volga Federal District.

In addition, two joint educational programs with the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia were presented at the General Meeting: «ESG Agenda: sustainable development of industrial infrastructure» (special economic zones, technology parks, industrial parks), as well as «Leaders in the development of territories: creation and development of SEZ».

«The goal of the program is to train regional management teams to create and develop territories with preferential treatment in the industrial production, technology innovation, logistics and tourism sectors. The program is designed for 2 years: participants will be taught how to create a SEZ from scratch - select a site for the implementation of a project to create and develop a SEZ, prepare a project, management features, develop a master plan, zoning the territory, develop a financial model for the project and a portfolio of services for the management company», - said Deputy Minister of Economic Development Sergey Galkin.

After the business part of the event, a gala dinner was given in honor of the members of the Association of Clusters, Technology Parks and SEZ of Russia.

ACTP RF is the leading public and business organization in Russia, uniting technological and industrial infrastructure facilities. The Association was founded in 2011 and currently unites more than 110 members from 50 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, thus representing over 4,000 organizations that are part of industrial clusters, technology parks, special economic zones and other organizations. Over 220,000 people work at the enterprises of members of ACIT of the Russian Federation, and the total volume of output exceeds 853 billion rubles (about 1% of Russia's GDP).