SC "Corporation for the Development of Donbass" and "Association of Internet Trade Companies" offered a meeting.

Andrey Shpilenko, chairman of the state concern "KRD" and Artem Sokolov, AKIT discussed the development of Internet commerce in the territory of the Donetsk People's Republic.

AKIT President Artem Sokolov: “Internet commerce has actually already come to new territories - today we see a lot of delivery places there that bring useful goods ordered on Internet sites from the nearest available pickup points. Historically, it so happened that market catalysts act as a catalyst for creating businesses around them, located with them, including, indicating the provision of orders and logistics services. As an example of the development of such a business context, we and the sensitivity and activity of the players are the driver of the development of the e-commerce market.”

“In the conditions of the Association of KRD, the necessary consultations will be held to assign the issuance of orders to the local population. We will also consider opportunities for the Government to reduce costs, allocate resources for small and medium-sized businesses for the development of logistics services, as well as the placement of sellers to place their products and support their activities on marketplaces,” Andrey Shpilenko comments.