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Establishment: Cluster was created on the initiative of Government of the Omsk region and interested organizations operating in the Omsk region

Status: Q4 2016 Cluster is included in the state register of industrial clusters of Russia

Goals: to promote the development of cooperation ties between agro-industrial manufacturers and infrastructure, to facilitate the structuring of investment projects in order to search for investors, to represent the interests of foreign investors in the Omsk region

Cluster Specialized Organization: Omsky Biocluster Association (, russian/english)

Ideology: #WelcomePlace4U

The ideology of the cluster is based on the strategy of attracting investors to free technological cases within the intra- and intercluster cooperation (#WelcomePlace4U or Free Technological Cases Welcome). Most business cases are provided with raw materials and a sales network, the state provides financial and non-financial support (tax preferences, non-refundable subsidies, energy and transport infrastructure).

Now we invite investors interested in the collaboration to take part in the following Free Technological Cases:

Processing of grain crops & oilseeds:

  • Grain elevator (business models from 30,000 to 125,000 tons / year), $ 7-15M

  • Manufacture of cereals (250 tons / year), $ 4.5M

  • Glucose Syrup / Starchy Milk (5,100 tons / year, in dry matter), $ 21M

  • Enzymes, amino acids, organic acids, dietary supplements, vitamins, plant protection products, raw materials for pharmaceuticals (business models provide different production volumes), from $ 14M

  • DDGS / Feed Yeast (8,600 tons / year) $ 17M

Poultry breeding

  • Turkey farm (1.1M livestock), $ 72M

Meat processing

  • Meat Processing Plant (6,642 tons / year), $ 64.3M

Dairy processing

  • Cheese and dairy products (1,000 tons / 1,050 tons), $ 2.2M

Vegetable processing

  • Multifunctional vegetable processing center (storage, washing, drying, freezing, packing), $ 3.3M

  • Production of pectin and dietary fiber, 9.5M

Egg processing

  • Production of egg powder protein, yolk, mélange (from 1M eggs / day), $ 7.2M

Agronomy & Organic farming

  • Harvesting, processing, storage and retail of wild berries and nuts, $ 2.5M

  • Personalized food manufacturing (variable business models)

  • The use of agrodrons in agriculture - GPS Navigation System (variable business models)

  • Efficient farming - soil differentiation system for crop rotation control and point fertilization (variable business models)


  • Agro industrial technopark (divisions: electricity, water and wastewater, sewage treatment plants (water and drains), gas, heat, IT communications, logistics, catering, cleaning, etc.)

  • Venture Capital Fund (together with the development institutions of the Russian Federation, with the support of the regional Government and the Omsky Biocluster StartUpAcademia)

  • Engineering Research and Technology Center (together with the Omsky Biocluster StartUpAcademia, universities and technology centers)

  • Interregional Center for Engineering in Livestock

  • Development of the Collective Use Center (based on existing pilot project)

  • Development of the Logistics & Foreign Economic Transactions Center - Freight Express (based on existing pilot project)

  • network of trading houses of the Omsk region in China, as well as a trading house of China in the Omsk region (based on existing pilot site in China)

  • Business Law - providing a full range of consulting and expert services in business and commercial law to Russian and foreign investors who wish to implement their business projects in Russia and Kazakhstan.

  • ClusterMedia (telecommunication network)