ACTP RF at the meeting of the Organizing Committee of the International Technological Congress

Timofey Buneev, Head of the International Cooperation and Sustainable Development Department of the ACTP RF, took part in the meeting of the organizing committee of the International Technological Congress, which will be held on September 17-19, 2024.

The International Technology Congress is an important event within the framework of the plan of the Russian Federation's presidency of the BRICS in 2024, which will allow partners from friendly countries to demonstrate Russian production and export opportunities, as well as establish direct interaction with industry organizations, development institutions and investors from the BRICS member countries in order to build industrial and technological sovereignty in the BRICS space.

The Association of Clusters, Technoparks and SEZ of Russia acts as a co-organizer of the International Technological Congress.

Also, as part of the organizational events, the ACTP RF organizes the plenary session "The First Conference of the founders of the International Association of SEZS of the BRICS countries: strategic partnership in the interests of developing cooperation chains and technological progress".

"The Association is designed to unite industry associations, alliances, unions, free economic zones and other industrial corporations to bring together the legislative regulation of territories with preferential treatment and develop common approaches to the implementation of investment projects in the territory of the BRICS member countries, and is a necessary step to promote economic integration, stimulate technological development and create mutually beneficial conditions for the localization of production in the partner countries", said Mikhail Labudin, Director of the Association of Clusters, Technoparks and SEZs of Russia.

"The ACTP RF considers it necessary to develop a dialogue between the infrastructure platforms of the BRICS countries, as well as departments and relevant organizations that are responsible for their development", added Timofey Buneev, Head of the International Cooperation and Sustainable Development department of the ACTP RF.